9 Kasım 2009 Pazartesi

Amsterdam Biennale 2009

The Amsterdam Biennale 2009 presents the underground art scene from all over the world. More than thirty international curators from the Mediamatic network provide their view of contemporary art in their city.
The Biennale is an exhibition in progress. At the opening, the 16th of October at 20.00 hrs, the pavillions of Kabul, Naples, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Belgrade, Tallinn and Brooklyn were opened. Till 13th of December every week new city pavilions will be built. So during that period, there will be an opening every week.
Open: Mon – Fri 13:00 to 19:00 hrs. and Sat + Sun 13:00 to 18:00 hrs.

Coming up...
Sat Nov 14th: Porto Alegre Casablanca Brooklyn Kobe IstanbulThu Nov 19th: Boston / The Pop QuizSat Nov 21st: Rome Copenhagen Milan TehranSat Nov 28th: Warzone Presentations TokyoSat Dec 5th: Stuttgart Bogota St Petersburg Bamako Toronto SeoulSat Dec 12th: Nicosia Leeds Tehran Closing Party / Official Amsterdam Biennale Finissage

Istanbul Pavilion Istanbul Pavilion is composed of art works that evaluate the geographical identity structure in Turkey and the classifications of cultural diversity caused by political pressure.

Artist :

Fırat Bingöl
Mehmet Ögüt
Suat Öğüt

Opening : 14 Nov. 2009, 8pm
Duintjer CS, Vijzelstraat 72,1017 HL Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Curator:Suat Ögüt